Talk It Out (Writing Quick Tip)

Trying to write something, but it doesn’t seem quite right? Can’t put your finger on why? Try different things but none of them seem to work?Romantic woman using laptop

Then try talking your topic out.

Find someplace that you can be private and not be interrupted. Close your eyes. Picture yourself standing in front of an audience that is eager to hear all about this topic and who hangs on your every word. Start talking about this topic. Give the best talk you can to explain this information to your audience. Go back and give this talk several times, with the intention that each time you give it, the talk gets better and your use of words improves

Listen to yourself giving your talk, and then open your eyes and write it down

I like to do this as I’m driving around in the car (without closing my eyes of course) but any private spot where you can talk out loud without feeling selfconscious will do

Many times, talking it through helps to crystalize the topic in your mind, helping you to explain things more clearly and make more sense. When we read, our minds hear the words as well as seeing them, and talking through your topic can help you find the best way to explain it on the page

So talk through your topic and notice how the words shine

Catherine Kane


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