Motivation To Write- Why Do We Lose It?

Do you write? then you probably know the excitement of a new work starting out. The Romantic woman using laptopideas gradually coming into view. The potential of the blank page in front of you. The excitement when your ideas start rolling onto the page  and you’re creating something out of nothing

Like a new relationship, the courtship of first write is sweet-

but also like a relationship, sooner or later the honeymoon is over and it gets harder to keep your motivation to write alive

So why is that?

There’s lots of possible reasons

  • Writing is work. Good work but still work- and sometimes people get tired and lose their momentum
  • After spending a lot of time with a work in progress, it’s easy to get bored with it and lose the attraction
  • Life can intervene. Day job. Family crisis. Chores. Illness. Exhaustion
  • Time can be a factor- where there are so many demands on your time that it’s hard to find enough resolve to do the writing too
  • Personal doubts. the work that seemed so exciting at first can seem imperfect after you spend time with it. Many people run away from their writing because they’re afraid they’re not good enough
  • and there’s always the distraction of the next shiny toy or fad that sucks us away from our writing

There’s lots of good reasons why you might lose your motivation to write. Many people do- and if you do, it’s ok….

As long as you take action to get that motivation back…

and keep writing..

More on that coming….

(Before this….Motivation To Write)

Catherine Kane


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