Character Tourist (Games Writers Play)

Got a character who seems stiff and two dimensional? Got a character you don’t 12180792_10153705594124375_16463828_ounderstand?

Well, try getting to know your character better by taking him on a road trip. What would he or she do if

  • he was visiting a foreign country?
  • she was stuck in an elevator?
  • he had to pitch his goals to a large group of people?
  • she was having an intimate dinner with an attractive stranger?
  • he was running for office?
  • she was running for her life?

You don’t have to write these scenarios or include them in the writing you’re doing, but taking a moment to close your eyes and picture that problem character in an assortment of situations can give you better input into who he really is and why he’s in your story.

Give it a try and see what happens. You may find your character is more interesting than you thought…

Catherine Kane


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