Motivation To Write- Value Your Writing

One of the big  reasons we lose the motivation to write is that we don’t put enough value on the act of writing and our own creation.

We think

  • this is just a hobby (“that thing I do”…)
  • it’s not as important as doing the laundry/my day job/mowing the lawn/saving the planet or other more respected “grown up” ways of using your time.
  • that we have nothing valuable to say.
  • that no one will want to read what we’ve written.
  • that it’s impossible to get published through traditional publishers.
  • that indie publishing has a bad reputation.

Many folks decide that their writing is not as important as other things in their lives; and so it slips to the bottom of the list and never gets done.

But that’s missing the point. There are lots of ways that your writing can have value.

  • Writing is fun (heck, most creative things are fun…)Romantic woman using laptop
  • Writing stimulates brain cells and that can be good for the long term health of your brain.
  • Most people have something unique that they bring to the party of Life that nobody else does. That’s called your Life Mission and writing is one way to express it.
  • Even if you’re interested in topics that other people have covered, you see it from a viewpoint unique to you. How you see it may add to the insight of others or inspire them to their own flashes of insight.
  • Besides being fun, the act of creation is satisfying and can build your competence and focus(two skills we can all use throughout our lives).
  • You may add to the collective knowledge on your topic, just by writing about it.

Your writing has value to you and may well have value to others as well. If you keep that in mind,  you’ll be more motivated to write.

So write on.

(Before this, there was Motivation to Write and Motivation To Write-Why Do We Lose It?)

Catherine Kane


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