Double Duty (Writing Quick Tip)

Is there a topic you write a lot about? Do you have multiple articles, posts or books in that topic area? Do you see more to come?

Then give some thought  to how you can let one piece of work do multiple jobs.

  • Doing research on a topic? Widen your focus and let the research serve multiple12180792_10153705594124375_16463828_o projects.
  • Is there a particular technique (such as relaxation by using breathing) that you use in multiple settings? Develop the best wording you can for that and then use that wording whenever you need that technique
  • Could your blog post also serve as a guest blog post/magazine article/ chapter in a book with a little re-writing or expanding?

You want to give each topic your best writing, but there are times when your best writing can serve multiple projects

Catherine Kane


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