Motivation To Write- Make a Commitment

So we’ve established that our writing has value (Motivation To Write- Value Your Writing) whether it teaches people, entertains people, gives us a creative outlet or serves any of a hundred other purposes.

Our writing has value, whether for us or for others

So the next step is to make a commitment to that writing- to do it regardless of what beliefs come up that make us feel like quitting or “never getting around to it”Romantic woman using laptop

Making a promise to ourselves and, if necessary, to others, that we are going to write. That we’re going to make writing one of our priorities and see that it happens even if things try to get in the way.

Swearing an oath to ourselves that we are writers and that means we will write.

Make a conscious commitment that you will write.

Do it now- and stick with it….

(and, if you like, look back to Motivation to Write , Motivation To Write-Why Do We Lose It and Motivation To Write- Value Your Writing)

Catherine Kane


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