Online Writing Groups

Writing, on the whole, is a solitary practice.

Creative partners working on computer at their deskThere can be other people involved, of course. You may have an agent or an editor or beta readers or a cover designer or other folks who support you when you write, but, bottom line, unless you’re collaborating with someone, writing boils down to you and the key board and the blank white page.

And that’s ok. If you’re writer, that’s part and parcel of the package. you need to be ok with the alone time that you need to get your writer-y writing done

But sometimes, you’ll still need others.

It is good for writers to be in the company of other writers.  To hang with people who speak your language. With folks who use words, big and small and lots of them. With folks who understand the challenges a writer encounters. With folks who can answer your writing questions and who will ask you questions in return.

That’s why, if you can, it’s good to find a writers’ group

That can be a problem though. Some people don’t have any writer’s groups in their geographical area. Some only have groups that don’t meet their needs

which is the point where it’s good to look for a writing group online.

So I’m going to be posting about some of the ins and outs of writing groups online and how to find a group that’s right for you

More group-talk coming…

Catherine Kane


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