Online Writing Groups- Sometimes Size Matters

In the last post on this topic (Online Writing Groups- Know What You Want) , we talked about figuring out what you want to get out of an online writing group. Next it’s good to think about how big a group you want to be a part of

Why? Because it’s not a one size fits all universe and sometimes size matters…Creative partners working on computer at their desk

A bigger group gives you

  • More chances to network or possibly market
  • A larger pool of people with a bigger assortment of skill sets
  • More people to choose from when you’re looking for people you’re compatible with
  • Bigger chance of people in your niche or approach to writing
  • More people to learn from


  • Can be more impersonal
  • Can be less intimate or friendly
  • If the group has the wrong kinds of social dynamics, increased chance of arguing or bullying
  • can be overwhelming with the number of posts

On the other hand, a small group

  • can be cozier and more friendly
  • can be easier to work with
  • can be selected to be a perfect fit for your type of writing

Possible disadvantages

  • can get really clicky
  • can have minimal activity
  • can not have the resources you’re looking for in a group

Size is not the only reason to chose a group, but it can have a significant effect on how well a group may meet your particular needs.

Give it some thought. Are you looking for a big group? A small group? Or something momma bear sized?

and once you have a handle on that, we can start looking

(This all began with Online Writing Groups )

Catherine Kane


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