Motivation To Write- Write Anyway

We  acknowledged that our writing had value. Motivation To Write- Value Your Writing

We made a commitment to write Motivation To Write- Make a Commitment

We broke out time in our daily or weekly routine for writing. We scheduled in our Romantic woman using laptopDayplanners if we needed to Motivation To Write- Schedule It

But what happens if we just don’t feel like it?

Life is full of so many different things. Things we want to do. things we are required to do. things that take us by surprise and suck down our time and our energy.

Many times, we end up curled up on the sofa or in bed. We don’t feel like writing right now. we’ll write tomorrow

and that is the dream killer right there- because for many would- be writers, tomorrow never gets here…

Sometimes you’ve just got to  stagger crankily to your desk, sit in the doggoned chair, put your fingers on the keyboard and just plain write. Even if the writing is awful. Even if you’re tired. Even if you don’t feel like it

You’ve agreed that your writing has value, you’ve committed to it and you’ve made time for it – and at that point, you need to keep your word to yourself and write anyway. Even if you don’t feel like it.

Writing anyway is a valuable technique and builds some powerful skills. It

  • helps build a habit of writing
  • builds the ability to write when you want or need to, as opposed to just waiting til the muse drops by
  • fills pages with words (and badly written words can be edited into something better but words that were never written can’t.)
  • gets you interested in what you’re writing. Many times you’ll start out not in the mood at first but get sucked into the act of writing as you go along and end up writing more than you thought you would.
  • gets your brain thinking about things to write or ways to make your writing better.

You may not be motivated to write at first, but if you write anyway, you may find yourself getting motivated quickly.

So sit in that chair. Set a timer. Put your fingers on the keys.

And write any way…

Catherine Kane


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