Multiple Storylines

Good Bye Tol Eressea, Hello EldamarMany stories are linear. They’re told from one point of view, start at the beginning, go to the end and stop. The end.

But some stories are told from multiple points of view. They have multiple storylines, told from the viewpoint of more than one character, and theses stories can parallel each other, weave in and out of each other, or even approach each other for the length of the story, finally culminating in an enormous crash when all the stories come together.

I’m currently working on the Swans of War, a story with two main characters but lots of other strong supporting characters. I did a count the other day and found that I was juggling 7 points of view/story lines as well as a story told by one of the characters to establish history with bearing on the story.

Well no wonder I’m working hard to keep all of these balls in the air!

I’m weaving the storylines in and out of each other, and the tricky parts are currently keeping some kind of  balance between the different storylines, and making the timing more accurate and believable. I can see I may have to set up a timeline soon

It’s gonna be worth it, but for now it’s kinda like untangling a mass of floss from my embroidery box and laying out the threads so they’re ready to make their part of the pattern I have in mind.

So how’s your writing going?

Catherine Kane


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