Point of View

Posted last week (The Writer Tangoes) about my present story, which includes 7 points of view plus a story told within the story.  This is making for a very complicated tale, to the point where I need to sort out the various storylines and improve how they interact

This week, I plan to set up some kind of timeline, where I can keep track of who’s doingGood Bye Tol Eressea, Hello Eldamar what when and make them flow more smoothly. (Kinda like the family calendar my mother kept when I was a girl. We were a very active family.)

And then, last night, I had another one of those flashes of insight that are popping up more frequently lately.

I think, if I did a little rewriting, I could take out one of the viewpoints without damaging the flow of the story.

A ha!

Now, since I’ve got to timeline  and rewrite this anyway, this is worth thinking about. and so currently, I’m alternating between pondering this and working on the other things that need fixing that are not affected by this question

Writing, alternating with pondering, continues. How’s things in your corner of the world?

Catherine Kane


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