One Villain Vanishes…

… leaving the other to carry the load.Good Bye Tol Eressea, Hello Eldamar

But at least it makes for a clearer story

Had that flash of inspiration about the Swans of War  last week (Point of View) where it suddenly hit me that I could take out one complication and make my story tighter and possibly clearer. After some contemplation, I decided to try it and, son of a gun, it’s meant extra work but I’m really liking the results.

And this weekend, I’ve had another flash which is leaving me researching the nature of thumbtacks and ballpoint pens and underwire bras, if you believe it.

I started out only writing when I was inspired to write. The next step was learning how to write whether the Universe was feeding me stories or not.

And now that I have a bit of a handle on that, we’re back to flashes from beyond- but combining it with the work of writing when I want or need to write.

It’s been a wild ride. I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Catherine Kane


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