50 Shades of Fae

Jumping from writing project to writing project to writing project.Romantic woman using laptop

While I’ve been waiting for book 9 “Living in Interesting Times” to come back from the beta readers, I’ve been working on book 10 “The Swans of War”

and, this weekend, I jumped yet again to 2 other projects.

A friend of mine is trying to put together 2 anthologies of stories of the Fae, one general and one on romantic encounters. Had wanted both to support her and to be in one or both, so I put aside my current project to write 2 stories, one for each anthology.

And it was fascinating. I’d wake up with large sections of a story suddenly in my head, I’d have more come to me when I drove around, and when I sat down to write, the words came so fast that my fingers almost couldn’t keep up.

“Chop Shop” looks at what happens when car theft becomes uncanny. “Romancing the Muse” is a story of how inspiration can eat you alive.

Both stories are a bit darker than the ones I usually write, but I’m pretty satisfied with  them both. We’ll see if they make the grade  for the anthologies.

Catherine Kane


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