Front and Center

Still working on my second urban fantasy novel “The Swans of War” and  finding one of hands with laptop typing in nightmy problems is keeping my heroine the heroine.

Sidekicks have it easy. the whole story doesn’t rest on their shoulders so they’re far more free to be quirky, snarky, flamboyant, petulant, etc. Some sidekicks can even become so flamboyant that they take over the story, obscuring  your hero or heroine.

So how do you put your hero back on stage?

Here’s what I’m doing.

  • Make a worksheet and list every chapter your central character appears in
  • Look at each of these chapters for who they belong to? Should this chapter really belong to a supporting character? (Sometimes there are good reasons for this)
  • Look at the remaining chapters. What does your character do in them? Is there a way to up the central character’s action?
  • Look at balance. Is there something a supporting character is doing that really should be done by your character?
  • Re-examine the list once you’ve done this. Is the balance improved? Is your character an active part of the story, as opposed to just being carried along by it?

Those steps can help to bring the balance back into the story, put the spotlight on your central character  and make them the hero again

Don’t let your main character always be acted upon. Also have them act…

Catherine Kane


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