Motivation To Write- Build a Habit

We’ve been through acknowledging that our writing has value (Motivation To Write- Value Your Writing) and making a commitment to write (Motivation To Write- Make a Commitment) and finding time to do it (Motivation To Write- Schedule It)

The next step is to build good writing habits.Romantic woman using laptop

It’s easy to talk about writing you’re gonna do some day  but if you’re always talking about it and never doing it, that writing will never get done.

You also need to actually sit down and write, and build a habit of writing.

Some sources will say you need to write everyday. That’s  a good habit and one that makes it harder to forget to do it, but there are other habits that also work


  • every other day
  • on a half day on Saturday
  • for an hour weekday nights after everyone else is in bed
  • as part of your lunch hour at work

It’s less a question of following someone else’s idea of when and how much you should write. It’s more a question of building a routine that works for you while still keeps you writing on an ongoing basis

and when you build a habit, writing gets easier to do, and the fact that it’s writing time will put you into writing mode more quickly and easily

and that’s golden

Catherine Kane


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