Motivation To Write- Track Your Progress

We know  that our writing has value (Motivation To Write- Value Your Writing)  We Romantic woman using laptopmake a commitment to write (Motivation To Write- Make a Commitment)  We find time to do it (Motivation To Write- Schedule It) We make an effort to write even if we don’t feel like it ( Motivation To Write- Write Anyway)  We build a routine of writing regularly (Motivation To Write- Build a Habit)

These are all great ways to get started writing and keep our motivation to keep on keeping on.

What’s another way? Track your progress.

Building a routine and committing to write whether you feel like it or not are both good practices, but if you don’t track you’re progress, it gets too easy to drop into non-writing/writing. The kind where you sit staring at a blank page for an hour. The kind where you spend your writing time straightening margins or looking up the history of your era as opposed to actually writing. The kind where you sit down to write and end up spending 95% of your time on social media. the kind where you’re sure that you’ve gotten some writing done, but you’re remembering last month or last year.

Best way around this? Track your progress. Set goals and have some way to keep track of how close you come to keeping them (or not)

Decide to write for a certain amount of time, or a certain number of words per session. Make a list of goals to achieve (edit this chapter, strengthen this fight scene, weed out excess words, etc) and have a way to keep track of whether you’re actually doing it or not

The point is less whether you meet those goals ( although that’s important too) If your goals aren’t working, you can set smaller goals ( or bigger ones!) The point is to keep moving forwards as opposed to thinking about writing someday.

Studies have found that, when you check something off on a “to-do” list, you get a little boost of adrenalin. That’s energy you can use on the next thing on your list. The important thing is to keep moving forwards and tracking your progress is one way of making that happen.

Write on

Catherine Kane


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