The Question For the Day…

I belong to a closed online writing group. They’re fine people, and writers of all different kinds of writing, and I’m honored to have them in my life.

Creative partners working on computer at their deskA while back, a friend and fellow group member quietly sighed to me that the group didn’t seem to have as many discussions of writing as they used to and she missed that.

“I can do something about that” thought my inner trouble maker….

and so I started “the Question for the Day” a  daily question about writing, editing, promoting your work and all kinds of things like that. The objectives were to

  • get more people interacting in the group
  • think about our own writing processes
  • learn about the writing processes of other writer members
  • show that, for most of these topics. there’s not just one correct way to do things
  • expand our own bags of writer tricks
  • encourage the beginners and the shy folk to give input and to realize that their input does have value
  • learn more about each other
  • cheer each other on
  • have fun in the process

Now, not every question gets people going, but overall the process seems to be succeeding. I’m into my second year of questions and people are responding, talking to each other, learning and thinking.

So that’s good

Are you part of a writer’s group? What do you do to get things going?

Catherine Kane


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