Swan Time

Now that “Living in Interesting Times” is out, I’ve been spending more time with “The Swans of War” , the sequel to my first urban fantasy “The Lands That Lie Between”.

In our first book, our heroine Morgan loses her job, moves cross country and then Good Bye Tol Eressea, Hello Eldamardiscovers that the worlds of magick are real, are very close to our own and that she has a crucial role to fill to prevent darkness from taking over both worlds. She goes on the run with Sam, her talking cat  and together they somehow escape multiple Unseelie hunters, make their way to the court, and do their bit to tip the scales to Seelie victory.

Well, it’s a year lately, and evil wants a rematch. An Unseelie villain is trying to stir up trouble between the Seelie court and the swan people, nomadic Germanic shape changers  with anger management issues. Meanwhile, a suspicious plague has laid most of the Seelie court low.

You guessed it- it’s Morgan and Sam to the rescue again.

I’m currently hard at it, untangling accents, laying out multiple story lines and weaving the action together as all of the characters rush towards one final confrontation.

(And there’s a winged kitten.)

Anyway, back to editing…

Catherine Kane


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