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Publishing Fan Fiction – Some Things To Watch on Kindle Worlds

Fan fiction is a thriving movement where folks take favorite characters and worlds and tell new stories about them. Due to copyright issues, this has in the past been a limited venue for writing, but Amazon has come up with a new way to approach that – Kindle Worlds.

And that’s got some good points…. and some not so good ones…. Continue reading

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A New Approach to Fan Fiction

Fan fiction has been part of storytelling for a long time. It’s where people who love a certain character, world or story write new tales using those familiar elements. There’s many folks doing it and an active international fan fiction community, but it’s always worked at a legal disadvantage. Since the writers don’t own the rights to those characters, worlds or stories, there has always been the risk of legal consequences for appropriating what they love.

And now, Amazon is developing a way to change that… Continue reading

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Write Fan Fiction (or Something Like It)

….Even if you’re not a science fiction fan, there’s a lot that you, as a writer, can get out of doing something like this….

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