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Medieval Falls Behind Us, and the Magick Shines Up Ahead….

Well, the ren faire season is ended for Starwolf and me, but our next adventure lies ahead. In a little over two weeks, we’ll be on our way to Changing Times, Changing Worlds, an ecumenical metaphysical conference concerned with all things magickal, spiritual, alternative health and other metaphysical practices. Continue reading

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The Journey of a Million Miles Begins With One Baby Step

Do you want to write, but somehow can’t get started?

Well, sometimes you need to start small… Continue reading

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Elephant Sandwich…..

We talked last week about how big goals are attainable if you just break them down into smaller steps…..

And if a big dream no longer seems impossible, we’re more likely to take some action in the direction of our dream…

Let’s look a little deeper at that…..

Continue reading

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