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Sometimes It’s Bad…

When you do NaNo, you write fast and you write a lot- and at some point you’re going to temporarily lose your delight in the process. Things will look stale. Things will look cliché. Indeed, the odds are good that … Continue reading

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Keeping Going in NaNoWriMo

The first wave of energy is past and now your job is to keep writing. Here’s some ideas on how to do just that. Writer’s Kit: Three Things That Keep You Going When the “Shiney” Wears Off Catherine Kane 4/12/16 … Continue reading

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That Uphill Crawl…..

In every major undertaking, there’s always a point that you get to where you feel like you’re crawling up hill… Continue reading

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Writing and Antibiotics….

2012 has been a rough year at the Kane house. We’ve spent a good share of this year down with one doggoned cold/ flu/ bronchitis/ pneumonia after another; and being constantly congested, exhausted, short of breath, wooly of head and sicksickSICK has made writing a challenging thing.

I’ve managed to keep writing- but it’s been hard work
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