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The Sounds of Silent Words…

When you’re writing, whether poetry or prose, you need to give some thought to the sound of the words you are using and how they fit together. Even though most people read silently to themselves, the sounds of the words resonate inside of their heads, and words that clash will disturb your readers, even if they don’t quite know why.

For this reason, I’d like to present you with this poem by G. Nolst Trenité. Read it silently to yourself, and the read it again aloud; and see what it can teach you about the sounds of silent words…

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Things You Learn in School – Groundwork in Sonnets

A  sonnet is a type of poem. It has one of a number of strict rhyme schemes. The type of sonnet it is (and what it’s called) depends on the particular rhyme scheme It usually  (but not always) has 14 … Continue reading

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