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Adventures in Palmistry

"Adventures in Palmistry"

“The information in this book is clear, concise, hits the pertinent points of palmistry, and immediately lets you start practicing your craft.”

– Adam Latin, professional palmist


“Having read over 50 books on palmistry, I can say that Cathy not only gives good solid information, but also makes it more accessible for a beginner than any other. Her homey style is like chatting to a friend who knows what she’s talking about. She also shares wonderful techniques in Adventures that I’ve seen in no other books.”

– Virginia Fair Richards-Taylor, student and practitioner of palmistry for 40+ years  

The Practical Empath-

Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath

"The Practical Empath- Surviving and Thrving as a Psychic Empath"

 “I absolutely loved this book! I read this looking for useful tips I could use with my empathic child and was surprised and delighted at how much of the material I could use myself. A definite must-have in any psychic or magic user’s library.”

-Morgan Daimler, author of By Land, Sea and Sky

“This book is for everyone. It’s easy to see how a book with practical advice and even exercises can help empaths themselves; but it’s also for people like parents and friends  of empaths who might otherwise be thought of as “difficult” or “high maintenance”. Guess what- not only were you “born this way”, there’s nothing wrong with you (or them)! Even better, this book helps you understand how to deal with the way you or your friends are, so that it can become the blessing that it can be when you understand. Even those less empathic can benefit from the wisdom collected by someone who has personally turned her empathy into a blessing for all those around her.”

-Tchipakkan, professional psychic and metaphysical speaker 

The Lands That Lie Between-

an Urban Fantasy with Morgan and Sam


Manifesting Something Better:

Easy, Quick and Fun Ways

to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Manifesting Something Better Front Cover“I have been priviledged to attend Cathy’s class on manifestation in the past and found her book on the subject to be the best of the in-person class and more. From basic concepts to different manifestation techniques and possible road blocks to success, this book touches on everything you need to know in an easy to understand way. Whether you are new to manifestation or have some experience with it, this book will provide you with the tools to take control of the energy you create in your own life.”

-Morgan Daimler,

author of By Land, Sea and Sky and A Child Eye’s View of the Fairy Faith

“Who doesn’t want “what we want (when we want it)” ? But how do we attract to ourselves a new job, better weather, a clearer vision, or the many other things that would make our lives better or easier? Catherine Kane leads us gently through the steps of Manifestation. She shows us how it works, how to avoid common ways we neutralize them, and makes it easier to believe that we can do it ourselves. She shares many different tachniques, so that each of us can find something that will work for us. She does this all with humor and compassion, her genuine love for her readers coming through the pages, so that, when you are done with the book, you’ve not only got new skills for a better life, but a new friend.””


Metaphysical speaker and artist, host of “The New Normal” on and co-chair of Changing Times, Changing Worlds conference (

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