Who’s Catherine?

Catherine Kane

Catherine Kane writes. A lot.

Amongst the things she writes are:

  • Fiction, especially urban fantasy;
  • Non -fiction, including “how-to” articles;
  • Philosophical and inspirational essays;
  • Poetry, in various modes;
  • Song lyrics and original music;
  • Audience participation games, including murder mysteries, puzzles and quests;
  • Plays;
  • Blogs;
  • Riddles and puzzles;
  • And other assorted bits of writing.

She’s been published in magazines such as  Thorn, the Masthead, Helix, the Dooropener, and the East Kingdom Songbook. She has been an online guest writer for  a number of websites and blogs, as well as for the E-Zine “Zombies!”. She appeared, as both singer and songwrite, on the “Harper’s Retreat” and “Harper’s Retreat Two”  CDs.

She published her first book “Adventures in Palmistry” in the fall of 2010, and her second book “The Practical Empath -Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath” in the fall of 2011. Her third book and first urban fantasy, “The Lands That Lie Between” and her forth book “Manifesting Something Better- Easy, Quick and Fun Ways to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams” were published in 2012.

And she’s here for you. To amuse or entertain you. To teach you such things as may be of help to you in writing and in being a writer. To support you on your own Adventure of Writing….

The Muse is waiting.

So, let’s get busy!…

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