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10 Books That Changed History

How many have you read? These Ten Books Hugely Impacted the Western World (and while you’re there, click on the Literacy Site. Your daily click costs you nothing but gives books to children who would otherwise not have any…) Catherine … Continue reading

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Lets Get Holistic!

I’m on the road once again In a little over two weeks, on April 15, Starwolf and I will be part of the Hudson Valley Holistic Market  at the Ramada Fishkill in Fishkill, NY. Lots of great vendors, readers, and … Continue reading

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Sale At Foresight

Want one of my books? Adventures in Palmistry? The Practical Empath? The Lands That Lie Between? Manifesting Something Better? The Psychic Power of Your Dreams? Magick for Pennies?      Well, today all of my print books are 25% off Just … Continue reading

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Writing Often, per Roth (Inspiration)

“I think I write and publish as often as I do because I can’t bear being without a book to work on… I don’t feel I have this to say or that to say or this story to tell, but … Continue reading

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The Classifieds (Games Writers Play)

Every story has a goal. That’s what makes it a story. If you write a story where nothing happens and the characters don’t do anything, there’s not really a story there Many stories have MacGuffins/McGuffins. Per our friends at the … Continue reading

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Publishing and Sexism

Evidently, there are still certain areas in publishing where men are taken more seriously than women. For a startling experiment, click the link. Sexism in publishing: ‘My novel wasn’t the problem, it was me, Catherine’ Catherine Kane 3/23/17 For more … Continue reading

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Out of Order (Writing Quick Tip)

Having problems writing? Finding yourself stuck on a particular section? Then think about writing your article or book out of order. If you have a beginning, end and route to get from one to the other in mind, you may … Continue reading

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Position is Everything- Remember to Stretch

awhile back, I did a series of post on ergonomics for writers- about how the position you write in can hurt you or help you. And there’s another thing related to that which can save your body when you write … Continue reading

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Procrastinating, per Bloom (Inspiration)

“My writing process, such as it is, consists of a lot of noodling, procrastinating, dawdling, and avoiding. “ Amy Bloom Catherine Kane 3/20/17 For more information on Catherine’s books, “Adventures in Palmistry”, “The Practical Empath – Surviving and Thriving as … Continue reading

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Computer Down Again…

Computer locked up this afternoon. Opened up and ran fine all morning but when I got home after work, it had locked up and the password to get in was no longer accurate I can modify it by going to … Continue reading

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